Math Help

It’s no surprise math is usually the subject students struggle with the most. Luckily we tutor math from kindergarten through calculus. We evaluate the students level first to be sure we meet them where they’re at.

Reading Comprehension

Reading can be tricky for students not given the time they need to fully comprehend the basics. We are sure to test the child’s skill level and ease them into the process so that they feel more confident in their capabilities and excel with ease.

Habla Espanol?

Are you or your child trying to learn Spanish? We have multiple tutors that are fluent in Spanish and ready to help! Attaining the goal of being bilingual is just a phone call away.


Children with ADD and ADHD can frequently be misdiagnosed as “problem children”. One on One sees these students as a great, creative, and zany kids who have a great chance to excel in school. Don’t let them fall behind.

Elementary Studies

If your elementary student is struggling, now is the best time to take action. Catching problems early can change a students trajectory forever. Call now to get your student tested.


No fear, SAT PREP is here. This test, while daunting, can be simplified immensely when taught the correct approach and strategy. We love to help students reach their goals and improve their scores so they can attend the school of their dreams. Get your students in early so they are most prepared